Like leaves…letting go.


There is a wonderful line from Rumi, the Sufi poet, which says, “Be like a tree, let the dead leaves drop…” Like a lot of folks, Autumn is my favorite season of the year. And nothing brings me more joy, and a bit of sorrow, than to see the first leaves drop from the ‘Grandpa Tree’ […]

The Chaos and the Compass


My summer has been a whirlwind of ‘get the house ready to sell’ and…it was actually kind of a lost summer. Every day ran into the next and nothing terribly memorable happened. I got super stressed and freaked out regularly. There was so much to do we didn’t even take a proper vacation. [We all really […]

Figuring Out the Layers of Hormones + Supplements


I was talking with a dear friend and subscriber, S, on Monday and she asked, “Is it even worth the time and effort to ‘get underneath’ all the birth control hormones and supplements and meds and whatever else we take to figure out what is really going on with our bodies?” It’s a totally great question, […]