Fixing vs. Healing


I’m going to start right off by saying I don’t have the answer to my own question in this blog post. But I am willing to ask it because…because if we don’t ask, we’ll never find the answers. And I need some damn answers. One of the things I am learning about mid-life is that […]

Sleep, Move, Nourish: Keys for Health At Any Age


This is one of those topics that I slip in a couple of times a year. It’s that important- that foundational- to good health and all the work I do with clients. (If you want to be a client, start with this yourself first, we’ll get 10x farther when we work together!) In ‘real life’ […]

Your Clit + Continental Drift


Those two things are related, I promise. :o) So, in the last couple of weeks, I have gotten questions related to clitoral function and mid-life hormone shifts. We’re gonna talk about that. Now, I prefer to use the word ‘clit’ for clitoris. Some people like ‘point’ (which I kind of dig and will use in […]